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From eating healthier and getting more exercise to learning a new skill and expanding your social circle, Totalcare offers all the sophisticated facilities, support and care you need to make your 2021 resolutions come true. See how our luxurious all-inclusive offering has everything you need for a rich and fulfilling lifestyle here
2021 goals
Belenois Retirement Village has developed a dedicated Dementia Village to cater specifically to residents who need special care. In addition to beautiful accommodation, 24-hour trained medical care and unique facilities, Ikaria Dementia Village also features an expansive garden where residents can take part in a number of stimulating outdoor activities.
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Our multi-disciplinary team includes an extensive range of specialists on call to provide the medical care and support our seniors need 24 hours a day. From highly qualified doctors and nursing staff to biokinetics, physiotherapists, care workers, dieticians and more, our dedicated team is committed to the ongoing health and wellbeing of all residents in our care. Read about the 8 questions you should ask your doctor after a medical diagnosis
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