Belenois Retirement Village and Frail Care Centre


Belenois the name is derived from the Brown Veined White butterfly (Belenois Aurota), one of the most common butterflies in South Africa. It is an exceedingly abundant insect during the summer and autumn, especially in open country. This butterfly has a low, fairly strong flight which is frequently interrupted when it visits flowers and muddy puddles. The butterfly is on the wing throughout the year. Large migrations of the butterfly take place during the mid-rainy season in Southern Africa, up the east coast of Africa, towards Madagascar. Why the butterfly fly east, is not known for sure. It could be some inborn instinct, or it could be that they follow wind directions. Belenois Retirement Village is a hillside village bordering Krugersdorp and Roodepoort with a view over the Highveld landscape towards the Magalies Mountain range.
TOTALCARE owns Belenois Retirement Village which consists of

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