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April 1, 2021

When I am old

The secret to longevity is social interaction and taking it slow. Read on for more insights about living a long and healthy life, and becoming a happy centenarian.
March 31, 2021

Here’s to the Silents

According to generational expert Alexis Abramson, the Silent Generation is best characterised by a strong sense of determination and willpower. They do not try to attract attention or protest, but rather focus on working silently to achieve their goals and sustain living conditions. My Ouma is a typical Silent.
November 5, 2020

3 Unhealthy Ways COVID-19 Affects Senior Mental Wellbeing

Social distancing is an effective solution to slow the spread of COVID-19. But it is having unfortunate side effects on the mental and physical wellbeing of seniors. We discuss the impact that isolation is having on elderly individuals, and some ideas on what you can do to help them through this challenging time.