Studies find link between heart health and memory in seniors

While memory has been known to decline generally with age, recent studies have shown that cardiovascular health in seniors has a direct link to maintaining memory in our senior years. Here’s how keeping your heart healthy could help keep your mind in shape for years to come.
Poor blood circulation leads to memory decline
Research has revealed that reduced blood flow from the heart as we age can lead to poorer circulation in the temporal lobes of the brain (which play a key role in memory creation and storage). Therefore, when cerebral blood circulation is restricted due to poor heart function, the region of the brain that maintains memory is directly affected.
Heart health and Alzheimer’s
Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia. Its symptoms include memory loss, cognitive decline, and changes in the ability to reason. Alzheimer’s is a result of plaques and tangles in the brain that cause brain cells to die. The study found that participants who had healthy blood vessels were less likely to develop plaques in the area where Alzheimer’s disease first develops in the brain.
What's good for the heart is good for the brain
The findings emphasise the importance of healthy behaviours to maintain brain health. There are a number of lifestyle changes that can be made to help maintain cardiovascular health. These include quitting smoking, exercising regularly, and eating a well-balanced diet with heart-healthy foods such as legumes, berries, fatty fish, nuts and plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.
At Totalcare, residents enjoy a well-balanced and nutritious diet formulated by experienced dieticians. Landscaped gardens provide ample space for exercise and outdoor socialising, while a range of group activities, outings, exercise classes and stimulating hobbies encourage healthy and fulfilling communal living experience.
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