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celebrating the birthday of Mrs Zietsman of Belenoise Retirement Village
Our retirement villages and frail care facilities are based around the beliefs of Blue Zones. Blue Zone beliefs are based on living with purpose, eating well-balanced diets, excercising regularly and forming part of a purpose-filled community. Studies have shown that people living in the Blue Zones of the world live very long and happy lives, sometimes well into the hundreds. You can read more about the Blue Zones here .

That's why it gives us great pleasure to celebrate another centenarian birthday! We so enjoyed celebrating the birthday of Mrs Zietsman of Belenoise Retirement Village who recently celebrated her 100th birthday. We’d like to wish her a huge congratulations on achieving this incredible milestone.
Good times a Totalcare
As we grow older, our memory generally tends to decline. However, there are ways to keep our minds sharp and reduce the impact over time. Take a look at these lifestyle changes you can make to ensure your memory stays strong in years to come.
Ivy McFarlane has recently been appointed as Belenois' new nursing services manager and we are so happy she joined the Totalcare team. She grew up in George and completed her B.Cur degree in Nursing at Potchefstroom where she met her husband, a restaurateur. She joined Totalcare in 2011 and spent happy years as Nursing Services Manager at Waterfall Hills, our facility in Sunninghill. Due to her husband’s occupation, they travelled back to George to manage his restaurant on the beautiful Garden Route. We are delighted to welcome them back where she will assume her role as Nursing Services Manager at Belenois Retirement Village.

“I love being part of something that is working toward a greater goal.” – Ivy Mc Farlane
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While many seniors look forward to the peace and relaxation that retirement brings, some have doubts and concerns. Discover how to make the most of your golden years with these inspiring insights.