The benefits of Companion Care

When it comes to caring for older people, Companion Care has many benefits. Care companions provide various levels of support depending on a senior’s specific needs, giving them the friendship, encouragement and care they need to live a healthy and fulfilling life.
Let’s learn a little more about Companion Care
For seniors who are healthy and independent, Companion Care is mostly about providing emotional support. From engaging in conversation, playing games and keeping active to helping out with housekeeping and medication, care companions align their services to the unique needs of those in their care.
Companion Care provides social contact
Seniors who live at home can suffer from feelings of isolation and loneliness. Especially if they live far from family and friends. A care companion provides daily opportunities to socialise, giving people someone to share their news with, talk about their problems and interests, get advice, and tell stories about their youth. Socialising is a vital part of fending off depression and keeping the body and mind in shape.
The benefit of Companion Care
Many studies show that social isolation is linked with higher risks of stroke, heart disease, dementia, and depression. Whether it’s for a few hours a week or every day, Companion Care enables seniors to live as normal a life as possible, while remaining independent.

At TOTALCARE, we understand that you want the best quality of life for your loved ones. Our dedicated staff members ensure that residents get the very best care and support 24/7, while also providing many opportunities for socialising and taking part in activities. We also offer luxurious independent and assisted living accommodation where residents can feel at home and live their lives to the fullest.
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From helping seniors with daily tasks, grooming and exercise to keeping them company by playing games and doing crafts, care companions provide daily support and friendship.