A Promising New Future to Dementia Care

Anyone who has an elderly parent, or loved one living with dementia will know that caring for them comes with a number of challenges. Confusion, irritability, memory loss and mobility issues are all common symptoms that worsen over time.

In an effort to provide a safer and more nurturing environment for elderly dementia patients, a new living concept called a Dementia Village has been developed in the Netherlands. After showing very promising results, the concept of creating a free-roaming lifestyle community for dementia patients has gained interest across the globe.
Hogeweyk Dementia Village
Located in the Netherlands, Hogeweyk Dementia Village is home to over 150 residents living with severe dementia. Created as an alternative to traditional nursing homes, Hogeweyk is a secure gated community where residents are able to live a seemingly normal life under the watchful eye of trained caregivers. The community offers shared residential units themed around seven different types of lifestyles, including goois (upper class), homey, Christian, urban, artisan, Indonesian and cultural. Depending on the history, interests and preferences of each resident, they will be moved into a residential lifestyle that is most likely to make them feel at home. The community also features a supermarket, parks, squares, restaurants, bars, theatres and numerous other amenities.
Day-to-day life in a Dementia Village
Residents of Hogeweyk Dementia Village are free to explore the community, going out to the shops, taking part in activities, strolling around the parks and doing familiar activities reminiscent of their earlier lives. Trained geriatric nurses and other caregivers dress in plain clothes to provide 24-hour care while helping with shopping, cooking, personal care, medication and other needs. The community itself has only one entrance and exit, so while residents are able to roam where they like, there is no risk of them wandering off and becoming lost outside of the village.
The benefits of Dementia Villages
A great source of frustration for many dementia patients is the loss of independence, as well as confusion caused by a lack of familiarity. By giving them the freedom to go about their daily lives, taking part in activities that are familiar and comforting, residents feel less anxious and more content. In addition to these psychological benefits, residents that stay active tend to eat better, require less medication and live longer.
Introducing Ikaria Village in Belenois
At Totalcare, we are dedicated to providing the utmost level of care and comfort to all of our residents. Over the past year, Belenois Retirement Village has been developing a Dementia Village inspired by many of the same principles as Hogeweyk. In addition to the beautiful accommodation, 24-hour trained medical care and sophisticated facilities, Ikaria Dementia Village will also feature an expansive garden where residents can take part in a number of fulfilling environmental and wildlife pursuits.
Although the village is still in development, it is expected to open before year end. Take a look at Belenois retirement village.

Hogeweyk Dementia Village in the Netherlands is the first of its kind, offering a secure gated community where residents with dementia can live a seemingly normal life in a familiar lifestyle setting. Find out more about it in the South African context, and how we are bringing the concept to life at Ikaria in our Belenois Retirement Village.