Study reveals the true benefits of Retirement Communities

According to an in-depth study by ProMatura in the UK, retirement community residents experience a range of benefits over seniors who live elsewhere. These include greater happiness, more exercise, better social life and improved health to name just a few.
The study itself is the largest ever conducted, involving a total of 2799 residents from 81 retirement communities run by 15 operators, as well as 1111 seniors who were considering moving into a retirement community.
The report found that residents in retirement communities enjoy the following benefits compared to those with other living arrangements:

  • stay healthier for longer
  • more active
  • less lonely
  • greater sense of a safety net
  • feel more secure
  • enjoy life more
  • enjoy more privacy
  • feel more in control of their lives
  • Some statistics in the report include:

  • 90% of residents thought they had moved into a retirement community at just the right time in their lives.
  • 6% would rather they’d moved in sooner.
  • 71% of residents saw moving into a retirement community as a chance to make new friends.
  • At Totalcare, we offer eight retirement villages across South Africa with an all-inclusive offering designed around the needs and comforts of our residents. Seniors can choose stylish accommodation that suits their needs, while nutritious meals, professional medical care, social activities, landscaped gardens and a range of sophisticated amenities encourage a healthy and purpose-filled community living experience.
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    A ground-breaking study of Retirement Communities shows massive health, wellbeing and security benefits for seniors.