October Newsletter

Official Newsletter Of Totalcare

elderly people having a good time
elderly people having a good time
Good times a Totalcare
As the saying goes ‘you are what you eat’. It's no secret that diet plays a major role in our mental and physical wellbeing. Over time, our nutritional needs change, and we require specialised diets with the right balance of nutrients. At Totalcare, we are committed to ensuring that our residents are served the balanced, nutritious meals they need to maintain their health for years to come. Our dedicated dietician creates specialised seasonal menus using freshly sourced ingredients. Residents enjoy three wholesome meals a day, along with snacks. Our menu is regularly updated to ensure that mealtimes are always something to look forward to, while our communal dining area makes dining fun and engaging social experience.
people enjoying themeselves at Totalcare
There’s nothing like breathing in the fresh open air to lift the spirits. And with spring in full bloom, our landscaped gardens are looking more vibrant and beautiful than ever. With ample space and scenic walkways, residents are free to roam the grounds independently or with their carers, enjoy the sunshine, go for brisk walks and take part in group exercise classes and activities outdoors.