July Newsletter

Official Newsletter Of Totalcare

elderly people having a good time

In July we celebrated a few milestone birhdays at our villages.
A heartfelt "Happy Birthday" to each of our lovely residents.

At Totalcare we strongly believe that happy longevity has a direct link to being part of a community, sharing your life with like-minded people who you can share, laugh and have a sense of belonging with. A sense of belonging can help reduce stress and promote meaning and purpose, all key ingredients for a fulfilled and happy life. This is why our retirement villages are built around community, eating together, creating together, and encouraging group participation.

At Belle Rio we had some fun knitting for the community and sharing some laughs.
friends knitting

Front row from the left: Erna Claassens, Magda van Rensburg, Dalene van Vuuren, Helena Kriel
Back row from the left: Juliana Muller and Betsie Compion