Frequently Asked Questions

We hope that our answers below will address any concerns you or your family may have.
Please feel free to contact us if you’d like to discuss anything further.

1What makes Totalcare unique?
Totalcare offer the comfort and sophistication of a hotel, with the care and attention of private, specialised nursing. We follow a preventative strategy to reduce the risks of diseases and infections of our residents. Each facility is managed by a multidisciplinary team that consists of various experts in their field. We follow a Blue Zone philosophy that focuses on the healthy lifestyle habits that contribute to a longer, healthier and happier life.
2What is assisted living?
Assisted living is assistance with activities of daily living. One might need assistance in some areas of daily living and assisted living provides these. Included in Assisted Living at all our facilities are; accommodation, meals, laundry, housekeeping, medication administration, care companion, multi-disciplinary team and social activities.
3What are activities of daily living?
Activities of daily living refer to everyday activities that might become harder to perform as one ages. Some of these activities might include: eating, bathing, walking, reading, etc. Our assisted living facilities help residents with these daily living activities.
4What is a multi-disciplinary team?
A multidisciplinary team refers to an integrated team approach to health care in which medical and allied health care professionals consider all relevant treatment options and develop collaboratively an individual treatment plan for each resident. It aims to ensure that members of the treatment and care team can discuss all relevant aspects of a resident’s physical and psychosocial needs along with other factors impacting upon the care. The multidisciplinary care approach that we follow fulfils best practice and evidence-based practice for all residents. We currently employ or contract directly with 16 professionals, or semi-professionals to ensure that the multidisciplinary approach is sustained.
5What is a care companion?
We regard our care companions as one of the biggest assets to our care. The care companions are compassionate, empathic and professional ladies who serve as a companion to our residents. They personally know and engage with all residents with love. It’s hard to explain – they are the heartbeat of our facilities.
6Do you offer 24-hour care/nursing?
Frail care offers 24-hour care. The hours of care in Assisted Living depends on your needs and the assessment done by the Nursing Manager.
7How do you design activities for residents with Dementia or Alzheimer’s disease?
Cognitive decline depends on stimulation through social, mental and physical activities. We provide all of these activities for our residents. Some of these activities include socialising when enjoying meals, playing board games such as bingo and rummikub, physiotherapy, dancing and biokinetics.
8What are a few of the other amenities at Totalcare facilities?
Other services also include access to a group medical doctor, at reduced rates; script management; onsite emergency management; panic buttons linked to care response; photographer and taxi service to the shops; WiFi Zone; TV (DSTV); phone access and a variety of extra mural activities.
9What is your philosophy around food?
Our food philosophy, inspired by the Blue Zones concept, emphasises the importance of fresh, nutritionally balanced meals, prepared according to the dietary requirements of older persons. In pursuit of the aforementioned, our dietician, food and beverages manager and procurement manager combined their expertise to develop a seasonal menu, as opposed to the industry norm of outsourcing the culinary function. Our food and beverages manager, who is also a qualified chef, baker and butcher, has extensive experience developing and preparing food as an executive chef in a leading hospital group. This experience equipped him with the skills required to optimise the food quality and focus on the training and development of our ±68 kitchen staff members. Our kitchens now make approximately 40 000 meals monthly. Not only do our residents receive three freshly prepared meals and two snacks daily, but all of our staff members also get a balanced, main meal on every shift. In order to enable a sense of community, in line with the Blue Zone concept, our residents are encouraged to dine communally and partake in the communal abundance table, which is stocked daily with fresh sweet and savoury snacks and baked goods.
10Can I invite my family and friends for a meal?
Of course. Your family and friends are always welcome.
11When can someone come and visit me?
There are no specific visiting hours. But keep in mind that all meals and activities are performed at set times daily, so it will be best to arrange visits around these times.
12Are pets allowed?
No pets are allowed in Assisted Living or Frail Care facilities.
13What happens to my fee when I go on holiday?
Fees are paid monthly, even if you go on holiday.
14How do short term stays, respite care, work?
Short term stay and respite care is on a minimum 7 day period and range between R500 and R1500 per day depending on the level of care needed.