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A need was identified for a service provider that offers frail - and mid-care services to retirement villages. Totalcare takes pride in our focus and understanding of older person care.

Totalcare, through extensive travel and research of older persons care globally; have gained the knowledge to develop a safe and comfortable environment for their residents. Combined with interdependent care philosophies developed and exercised daily across all their facilities, they believe they are ensuring a comprehensive care solution to all their residents.

Totalcare believes that patient dignity and comfort is not negotiable with older person care. Support and comfort of the patient during their retirement phase is of utmost importance to Totalcare and its 500+ personnel.

Totalcare South Africa (Pty) Ltd currently manages Belenois Retirement Village in Krugersdorp, Belle Rio Lifestyle Estate in Upington, Foundation for the Aged in Albertville (Johannesburg), St Michaels Village in Weltevreden Park and Waterfall Hills Mature Lifestyle Estate in Sunninghill.

Totalcare is an industry leader in older persons care. We offer: An integrated preventative service in Frail Care, Assisted Living, Home Based Care, Alzheimer’s Care and the placement and management of Village Sisters at retirement facilities.
Five star quality standards

According to the World Health Organisation the goal of Long-Term Care is to ensure that an individual who is not fully capable of long-term self-care can maintain the best possible quality of life, with the greatest possible degree of independence, autonomy, participation, personal fulfilment and human dignity. We measure our long-term care using Quality indicators. These are intended to render the quality of health care services measurable and transparent

1. Resident

Totalcare creates an Individual Care Plan for each resident. This is done by performing an assessment of the resident which is used to establish his or her needs. The resident is then required to fill in an admission form where after he or she is admitted as a resident. Head office will then document and load the new resident. Totalcare’s service offering includes the following: Nursing care, Acts of daily living, Three meals a day, Hairdresser, Manicure, Laundry, Television, Cleaning, Phone point, Panic buttons, Companionship, Doctor on call.

2. Care

We establish the resident’s level of care according to an assessment which are based on the below care offering.

Totalcare’s Offering:

  • Basic Health Care
  • Enhanced Basic Health Care
  • Mid-health care
  • Permanent health care
  • Home based care

3. Management

Totalcare’s management consists of dedicated professionals who have both experience and knowledge aiming to support longevity by employing qualified employees and ensuring continued motivation.

Operations managers have weekly meetings during which timelines, common problems, health reports, and latest procedure changes are updated and then communicated downwards to all members of the care team. This ensures strong team support and a good understanding of the required expectations of care. No one works in isolation. Do it right is our promise of commitment to total care, service delivery, team support and value standards.

4. Facility and nutrition

Our facilities are of the highest standard and abide by the regulations of Older Persons Act. Health and safety are of utmost importance and we have the following in place: Evacuation plan, panic buttons, emergency numbers, emergency lights, generator, exit signs, first aid boxes, and security.

Totalcare prepares all meals daily according to a monthly, healthy and balanced cycle menu that; provide a variety of foods and tastes, as well as incorporating seasonal changes; adhere to healthy dietary guidelines and recommended daily intakes for seniors; of high quality. All our meals are prepared by trained kitchen staff to ensure continuously fresh and tasty meals.

5. Liaison

Totalcare takes pride in communicating with the resident’s family about all health issues and specific needs the resident might have. We welcome and encourage feedback and queries.
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